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June 9, 2012
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Nightmare Moon vs Chrysalis by DashiesPet Nightmare Moon vs Chrysalis by DashiesPet

Other arts I have drawn

Okay so I got a bit of help from people on mlp reddit and took peoples advice and tried to work with this the best I can :)
What I had changed:
:bulletblack: I changed the focal point of the picture, making the focus more on Nightmare Moon, I thought this was more appropriate in the image to show that she is the strong figure in the image, showing her as the dominant winner.
:bulletblack: I fixed Chrysalis's mane, someone mentioned that I made the mane a bit too.. lively, when chrysalis has more stringy flat hair. I also fixed her body a bit, making her a tiny bit thicker through her stomach.
:bulletblack: Added more shadow over Chrysalis, someone mentioned she seemd to be a bit too flat with the image, I added a shadow from Nightmare Moon over her, to try and make her blend into the scene a bit better, also trying to make sense of the lighting source of the glowing pods in the background.
:bulletblack: Added slight texture to Nightmare Moons armor, making it not look so smooth, but giving it a rougher look to it.

If anyone wants to see the original version, it can be seen here :) [link]


Well this about dang near murdered me...
Around 50 layers or so and about a week from start to finish (not working constantly on it)

But yes >:3 in MY world Nightmare Moon would win against Chrysalis easily. Why? Nightmare Moon along with Discord needed the elements to be defeated.
However, Chrysalis just need to be stopped by two ponies doing magic, with the power of "love"

Also, Corruption in the mind is something that is hard to win against, sure Chrysalis may be a dark evil character, but she is just like that... once corrupted, you have no idea the limits of power you truely have. Muhahahaa :iconplottingtwilightplz:

And yes that is Nightmare Moon wearing the bones, and shells left of the deceased changelings, what better way to destroy and intimidate your enemy then to wear the carcass left of your own army and children.

Any Chrysalis fans do not take offense to this please. It was not meant to bash her in any kind of way. If you have a problem with this image, go ahead and leave your comment, but I will just hide it d:

Photoshop version encase anyone wants to look at it for some reason.. [link]

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis (c) Hasbro
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This picture brings the delight of darkness. The shadings of this is just wonderful. She added wonderful glowing affects to it also. From a scale of 1-100, its a 100! I love how she made Nightmare Moon's armor out of dead changeling. That proves to her that she is more powerful. But this is just a wonderful darkness joy to my heart. Its also like bringing a whole other MLP:FIM fantasy. The poses, bodies, colors, textures, shading, colors, are just wonderful! The rest of her artwork like this deserves two thumbs up! Keep up the good artwork my dear! Peace!

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This is an awesome picture! Is Chrysalis dead? It doesn't look like it; her eyes are (just barely) open, but I can't tell.
Кризи жалко( 
Wonderfu. Picture
I agree with this picture. The changelings are implied to be rather weak without love so Chrysalis in a fair fight would lose. However, if this is the Chrysalis that fed off of Shining Armor's love, then Chrysalis stomps. Nightmare Moon was a bit more powerful than Celestia, slightly superior but they were effectively still rivals. Chrysalis on Shining Armor's love one-shotted Celestia. 

In terms of power:

Elements>Sunset Shimmer(demon)>Discord>>>>>>>>>Crystal Heart>>>>Love Shield>>>Chrysalis(absorbed power)>Nightmare Moon>Sombra(body)>=Celestia>=Luna>>>>>>>Sombra(shadow)>Chrysalis>Cadence
Dark-FireSpirit Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this is, Awesome. :iconso-awesomeplz:
TheCrystalEevee Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nightmare moon rocks!
"Tell me, dear Chrysalis - what is a Changeling without love? Obvious, really: a starved, desperate animal. And now, compare that to yourself - broken, battered, crippled in her very own brood chamber, lying helpless before me, who now wears the carapace and wings of your own subjects."

"You wonder - why? Why were you defeated by ME? Whom you believe to be the pale shadow of the lesser Alicorn Princess, sister of the mule Celestia whom you had defeated? Such arrogance you had, to be so assure of your own invincibility."

"You boast of defeating the Sun, but the power that had beaten her wasn't yours - it was stolen, by you, stolen from the groom with whom you pretend to be the bride. Behind all your bravado, behind all your regal illusion, behind all your play-pretend, you are but a little vermin with fantasy of power and conquest, a parasite."

"Me? I am no pale shadow of Luna - She is merely the pale reflection of Me. I AM THE NIGHT! I am the TRUE queen of Equestria. The Moon moves at my whim, the Stars sing of my glory, and the Darkness between follows me behind and the nightmares of the Dreaming beckons my call. And why do you think they do? Because the power within me - power to move worlds, power to scorch the lands and boil the seas - was REAL. I didn't need love, I didn't need to steal from others, and I had no self-delusions. Compare to me, YOU ARE NOTHING."

"A thousand years ago I brought Equestria to its haunches and forced those ungrateful mortals to acknowledge my rule, - and I shall again, once I bring your little empire of vermin crumbling to the ground and at my beck and call. You, my future TROPHY, shall watch as I stand in your place, at the head of YOUR army, victorious over Celestia, over the Elements, and claim what you try to seize, that which rightfully MINE!"

That won't end well... :O
Indeed it won't. I was originally going to write that Nightmare Moon intends to use the powerless Queen Chrysalis as her personal PLAYTHING for all eternity (and all the horrific implications that comes along with it. And that pales in comparison to what she plans to do to Celestia, Luna and the Mane Six in my headcanon), for daring to usurp her place as the queen who would defeat Celestia and rule Equestria, but I consider it too horrifying and so wrote in trophy instead.
*(And since I have a temporary break from finals...)*

Chyrsalis: "Do you.. *(cough)* think you can take the reins of my Changelings that easily, even after after defeating me? You brain-addled excuse for a demon, we Changelings may... *(wheezes)*...resemble common insects, but we are not mindless drones! Like any being, they will resist, they will flee, they will seek help...but my Changelings will not simply bow down to you!

*[Coughing fit, then:]*
Chyrsalis: "And, you claim that you are not the shadow of the little Princess? HA! *(laughs and hacks a cough at the same time)* only came into being because the young Luna's emotions ran away from her, giving you, some formless celestial flotsam, an opening to toy with her mind! You say I am nothing by comparison? That makes two of us!" *(Horrific wheezing, struggles to stay awake)* " are nothing but a perversion of a higher being; a product of one overgroan foal's jealousy and the manipulations of a third-rate evil spirit--I am a natural-born Changeling, concieved and raised from the beginning; I am TRULY ALIVE! But, you? You are nothing more than...dark thoughts, given false flesh. You are but a nightmare...and dead or alive, I. Am. Real. And no matter what you inflict--on me, Celestia, the elements; whatever--will ever change that."

*[sneers/smiles with half-lidded eyes--she's clearly on her last legs. With her last bit of strength, barely above a whisper:]*
"And food for thought: what happens to you, the so-called "Nightmare"...when Luna wakes up?"

*(slumps to the ground, dead...a smirk on her face)*
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